Make Baby

What genetically and I recommends it really needs, before pregnant I becomes? Today ask themselves ouder aan zijn this question ever more. Genetic recommending is itself identifizierenen nothing more, than a consulting particularly exists the trained genetic advisor or the occupation getting pregnant tips of health care or each very risky appetite, which can be passed on to your child. Although a free view for to pairs and families, which showed genetic deviations or care, there also the very material risk geërftt the poor gene, which becomes unknowingly by parents, to be transferred, who from the unconscious illness is, which could be momentary. Gene is piece of DNA, which certain appetite, when blue eyes, which with the brown are compared, which are passed on of production at production, some of our chromosomes forming, which are nature the assigned omhoog, which formulates each physical characteristic, which we had. Each cell in our organisms contains these pairs of chromosomes, which agree upon our condition. If sperm cells fertilize an egg, come half of everyone chromosomaal pair of the mother and other half of the father. A deviation in or several of these chromosomes can result in a genetic disturbance. A lack in individual gene to be also referred the beklaagde can like, is on sex that, frequently, is in connection standing, dominating or declining genetic disturbance. On in the sex standing disturbance is, the poor gene manufactured to the chromosome of X in connection (also, if the female chromosome admits becomes). Dominating in the dominating disturbance is the poor gene, which steps the healthy gene of the other parents with feet; the declining disturbance is, if both are in the pairs abnormally genes. Lack do not only exist there because of the deviations like spontaneous change or the cell department disturbances in addition, because of the exhibition at the environmental means, at the chemical products and at other poison material (including lead, industrial chemical products, pesticide, radiation and Betäubungsmittel). First of all of, it would be recommended genetically not, how a necessity at most pair must be regarded, which plans at pregnant. However during certain free factors of risk, must they are already be taken up, the seen ideal however do not limit not to, before pregnant trying become. These factors of risk cover or several from the following: Moeder aan Ben as 35 years old former birth more a child or an existence close relatives to genetic disturbance or geboortetekortvorhandensein the geërftee illness to one or more close relatives, the examination, which results abnormal results, of the Amniocentesis, which chromosomaal lack, certain ethnic groups uncovered identification duck, lying before the birth, have also a tendency to the certain geërfteh lack and the disturbance. If you or her partner a member of one of these groups is, you can wish also genetic recommending to regard. These groups cover: The African, Afroamerikaner and something Mediterranean sexes (sickle cell aneamia) Italian, Greek or the Middenoosten of sexes (Thalassämie) central or the Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jew and Frankokanadier sex (illness tay Sachs) if you itself recommend to participate in genetic definitely are it for preparations are found useful. Beginning by the creation of a complete history of the blood relatives to both parties of each family, those from certain diseases or disturbance to have suffered and for, which it can be occurred (genetically or differently than). Preparations formed to be asked in order over for answer regarding the topics as: Any family history of cancer, hypertension, heart of problems, diabetes and/or several times births (, etc. tweelingen) other diseases or disturbance, which in the family, which does not close however, run, which to the genetic diseases such as Hämophilie, muskulöser Dystrophie, connective tissue bindegewebevermehrung of the blister and Sklerosebegrenzung the members of the family with each possible form of the spirit delay geboortetekort or the members of the family, which problems with pregnancies, like misses, doodgeborenen and Unfruchtbarkeitgesundheit of parents and of the direct family members to have experienced, lives and dead connection/sex seem ethnic, which, the ground for any fear you could do that your baby with a genetic disturbance or one to be geboortetekort could born trained genetic advisor can potenziellen problems help, or to identifizierenen the disturbance, discusses risico' with you; s, that are questionable and the information must you, before they make the decision, which is, over to become more pregnant, analyze the probability of the transmission of a certain kind disturbance and explains all existing elections, which are opened to you.